Monday, 23 May 2011

The Caves of Krabi

Everybody seems to be discussing how scenic the town of Krabi is. Very few are apparently giving thought to the fact that Krabi is also home to a lot of wonderful caves that hide many mysteries and generational secrets of the place and of Thailand at large.

The caves in and around Krabi town arouse a lot of mystery and intrigue, something tourists only become familiar with when they literally go inside an stare through the naked eye. The Tham Sadet is near Ban Nong Kok, close to 7 kilometers from Krabi Town. The cave is home to all possible stalactites and stalagmites people can possibly find in and around Krabi.         

Wat Tham Sua, also known as the Tiger Cave, is around 9 kilometers from Krabi Town. The cave is a part of the Temple Complex where monks reside, worship and pray. The monks residing here teach Vipasana, a form of Buddhism.

To the North East of the town are the Tham Lod and Tham Lod Tai. The latter comes along a narrow limestone tunnel with stalactites and can be reached through long tail boats at a low tide. Some of the fellow caves located in this area include the likes of Tham Prah Cave, Tham Pet Cave and Tham Phi Hua To.     

The Diamond cave, justifying its name, is indeed a name to reckon with amongst caves across Krabi Town. The path to it begins at the North End of the Railay East Beach. The journey towards it is replete with lights and wooden walkways. Inside, one finds Bats galore.

The Tham Phra Nang Nok is also fondly referred to as the Princess Cave. It is said to be a 10 minute walk along the Railay Beach East. It is believed by the Local Fishermen to be abode to a mythical sea princess. The inner of the cave is no less magical. Tourists see dazzling phallic symbols, lingrams, offerings and objects meant to enhance fertility.

The Viking Cave, Tham Phraya Nak, is about 90 minutes from the town. This is home to all pre historic paintings alongside recent pictures of modern voyages taken by ships. The cave is home to a vast number of swifts.

Tham Mai Kaew is a series of caves one can reach through a short trek made via a jungle. Local guides escort tourists through rubber plantations into a cavern pool, replete with bats, stalagmites etc.

These are the caves are many more around the town which is a paradise for those who cannot do without their regular dose of adventure.


Luxury Hotels in Krabi make the Vacation more special

A typical Krabi vacation becomes more special because of the Luxury Hotels in Krabi. They make the city worth spending time in, offering the best of facilities to customers and matching international standards. They ensure clients have the time of their lives staying put there. Some of the Luxury Hotels in Krabi where clients like staying include the likes of:

ü  Zeavola Resort and Spa: This is the newest all suite boutique resort and spa located on the Northern Tip of the Phi Phi Islands. It is right in front of the beachfront. The name of the hotel chain is derived from the exotic ‘Scaevola Taccada’ Tree, known better amongst local folk by the name ‘Rak Talay’. One can make it to the resort within an hour through speedboat from the Phuket-Zeavola getaway. The restaurants within the resort offer sumptuous cuisine ranging from Rural to Royal Thai Food. The cocktails too are pretty refreshing.

ü  Rawi Warin Resort and Spa: This is one of those resorts where luxury accommodation becomes more reassuring because of amazing natural landscapes. Its location itself makes it one of the most enviable Luxury Hotels in Krabi. It extends from the beach right till the hillside and overlooks the Klong Tob Bay. The deluxe rooms, sea view and luxurious swimming pools make the Krabi Vacation a worthy one. The Sea View Villa in this resort is the most coveted spot because of a wonderful balcony with pond view.                 

ü  The Phulay Bay: This resort is all about enlivening senses. Guests will feel besotted with the very own scent spread all over the resort. The signature drink offered is a toast to savor. Traditional Thai music is played all the time to keep visitors in a state of trance. The gentle lapping of the sea makes the experience more endearing. Guests feel relaxed because of the amazing silk soft furnishings and coverings rendered by the hotel staff.

ü  The Rayavadee: Rayavadee is supposedly one of the most aesthetically superior Luxury Hotels in Krabi. The Hotels has 2 meeting rooms with a seating capacity ranging between 5 and 50 guests. The Executive Retreat has 2 meeting rooms to accommodate an equal number of people. Fine dining is offered on site, several on site restaurants serving proper Thai food. Recreational activities include the likes of outdoor pool, boating, ecological tourism, hiking and sailing.

The presence of these hotels makes the Krabi vacation really worth cherishing. Landscape backed with comfort becomes a wonderful package everyone wants to enjoy. 


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Saturday, 21 May 2011

Most Scenic Place – Krabi, Thailand

The Bang Kram Wildlife Sanctuary is right in the midst of a rainforest. It is considered home to the biggest species of Birds in South East Asia. Bird watchers can look for Gurneys, Black Breasted Pitta, Chestnut Collared Kingfishers, Crestwood Patridges and Block Hornbills.     

A close view of the Koh Kradan makes your day. Located on the South of Lanta, it is said to be one of the most beautiful islands lying towards the South of Lanta. The white beaches are the most attractive feature. Ferry services are available that take tourists all the way to this place. 

Tham Phi Hua To are the caves where the biggest waterfall of Krabi can be witnessed. The Krabi town in itself is so charming you never feel like coming out of it. It is a quintessential laid back province suitable for those who love enjoying and having a laid back time.   

Our concept is simple: to offer a stress-free vacation, with all the services of a luxury hotel in your own private villa compound. Ms Ching, our dedicated villa manager, is at the end of the provided mobile phone and will act as your personal concierge throughout your stay; while our drivers are on call until 10