Saturday, 21 May 2011

Most Scenic Place – Krabi, Thailand

The Bang Kram Wildlife Sanctuary is right in the midst of a rainforest. It is considered home to the biggest species of Birds in South East Asia. Bird watchers can look for Gurneys, Black Breasted Pitta, Chestnut Collared Kingfishers, Crestwood Patridges and Block Hornbills.     

A close view of the Koh Kradan makes your day. Located on the South of Lanta, it is said to be one of the most beautiful islands lying towards the South of Lanta. The white beaches are the most attractive feature. Ferry services are available that take tourists all the way to this place. 

Tham Phi Hua To are the caves where the biggest waterfall of Krabi can be witnessed. The Krabi town in itself is so charming you never feel like coming out of it. It is a quintessential laid back province suitable for those who love enjoying and having a laid back time.   

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