Monday, 23 May 2011

TRAVELKRABI OFFERS BEST PACKAGES FOR KRABI TRAVEL offers superior travel packages to interested tourists with a desire to visit Krabi. The website makes all arrangements including booking regarding the choice of accommodation, check- in and check-out dates and logistics, apart from ensuring a comfortable stay.   

Tourists will get one of the finest travel experiences through the website. The website will at the onset ensure tourists get the best villas to stay put at. They will get a stress free vacation, including all the services of a luxury hotel in a private villa. A private concierge will be provided to tourists who will be their escort throughout their stay. Drivers will be on call till 10 in the evening to offer transportation anywhere in the local area. The vehicles are owned by the company, ensuring prompt and agile services.

The tourists will be provided with a villa equipped with high standards and ready to move in. The bed will have nothing but linen ad towels too will be provided. The kitchens will be full size with a modern set of appliances and tableware. has installed DVD players and LCD television sets connected with satellite channels in all of them to ensure the best of entertainment is available to vacationers.  The villas will have a walled compound along with an alarm system and personal digital safes in every bedroom.

The villas are all situated at a 5 minute drive from main down town. In case, one wants to go there, the available vehicle will drive that person to the desired site within no time. Every villa will have an instant and no obligation availability check. This will be empowered further by a direct booking system, made easier by a secure online payment mechanism through credit card payments. will also ensure tourists receive what is known as quintessential Thai hospitality with an 18 strong staff with eons of years of experience in the hospitality sector. The website does all this and much more for ensuring tourists have the time of their lives visiting Krabi and reveling in the panoramic marvel they see unfolding in front of themselves.

The website will make all arrangements for you. Right from planning your vacation to ensuring you have a good stay and having you driven around all over town to finally seeing you off at the airport on your way back home, the authorities will be in charge of every step and ensure the process goes off well.   


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